These were two very nostalgic projects as I'm sure I had similar things when I was little!
Muddle and Match Book
The Muddle and Match Book was compiled of seven illustrations. Each featured a character wearing an outfit that the visitors would be able to see on display in the museum. As they visited the different galleries, visitors could collect another page which would be situated by the corresponding outfit. When they had collected all seven pages they were bound together and the pre-perforated pages could then be torn into three strips. Then the heads, bodies and legs of each character could be muddled with others!

Paper Dolls
The paper doll characters also wore outfits that visitors could see on display at the museum. Each page featured a character in their (era appropriate!) underwear and several items of clothing and accessories. The could all be cut out and then the character could be dressed by folding the little tabs around the body.

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